I was mercifully led to Dr. Carl Lynn and Atlas Orthogonal Chiropractic care in 1991 by a friend who learned of the excruciating daily headaches I had been having.  She was a patient of Dr. Lynn's and knew that the gentle adjustments he administered could be helpful for headaches.  Some relief came to me nearly immediately after the first adjustment; then as I followed the care plan prescribed by Dr Lynn, the headaches became fewer and fewer to the point of almost never occurring.  Not only did the headaches subside, but what a bonus to have my overall health improve as well.
Sharon F.

I started receiving Chiropractic care from Dr. Carl Lynn 2 years ago because I suffered from severe neck aches.  I would have to take 3 Motrins and lie completely still for hours.  The pain was so unbearable that I just cried and wished someone could help me.  I was skeptical at first. We have all heard stories of how Chiropractor's twisted you like a pretzel to crack your neck and back.  Dr. Carl Lynn uses a completely different approach that is not only gentle-
IT WORKS.  After only a few adjustments, my neck aches were almost non-existent.  To this day, it is rare that I ever have one of my horrible neck aches.  In fact, I can't even remember the last time I had one.  I sincerely attribute this to Dr. Carl Lynn's gentle and "Life" changing approach to Chiropractic care.
Forever Grateful,
Mary R.

I was referred to Dr. Lynn about 14 years ago by family & friends who all had been using him. I have driven a school bus for 24 years &  it has worked for me. I really did not think that Dr. Lynn could help me, I always had lower back pain & constant neck pain, but thought I would give it a try. It was the best thing I EVER did for myself to feel better! Not only did he get my head back on straight he also helped the pain! When other pains came like in my wrist & ankle, he also took care of them too! He always had such a great attitude & uplifted  everyone who walked in his office.His love for life,laughter, music, & wellness is contagious! If you did not feel good when you got to his office, you sure did by the time you left. I will always miss him in

Buford, but am so glad to know that he is continuing on with his practice to help others the
way he helped me! He did change the way I felt about Chiropractic care! I do know that we have to take care of our whole body. Thank you Dr.Lynn for helping me!  Oh yeah, my husband Ronnie also used him too, & feels the same way I do!....  Thanks Again Doc! 
Jill C.

Hello, my name is Phil Bursi.  I have been receiving chiropractic care for many years.
Until coming to Dr. Lynn, I had only known two chiropractors in my life - Dr. Robert Smith and Dr. Roy Sweat.  I wouldn't know for years that they were two of the top chiropractors in the southeast - well known and widely respected.

When I started getting care from Dr. Lynn nearly twenty years ago, nothing seemed odd or different; it was just "normal" chiropractic to me.  Then I realized I had shifted my care from two of the top chiropractors in the southeast WITHOUT noticing any drop the quality of care.  In other words, Dr. Lynn was delivering care at THE SAME LEVEL as these two other well-known chiropractors.

Over the years, Dr. Lynn became more than a doctor, he became a trusted friend. Neither of us knew that there was an evil growing surely and steadily inside my body

Three years ago I started losing most of the functions of my legs.  Dr. Lynn insisted that I see an orthopedic surgeon.  The orthopedist immediately sent me to a neurosurgeon.   I decided to get three opinions from neurosurgeons. The third neurosurgeon was the one I selected for surgery. Sitting in the hospital after surgery, I casually asked the surgeon if I had been close to living in a wheelchair.

The neurosurgeon calmly said I was within three weeks of being in a wheelchair for life. Another neurosurgeon agreed.  What if Dr. Lynn had not insisted I see a surgeon?  I would be in a wheelchair!  He knew his business so well that he also knew when a situation was beyond chiropractic care.

Today, you still have a right to choose your doctor and your healthcare. I suggest you choose very carefully, or maybe like I did, you'll be choosing between a wheelchair and health.

If you don't believe me, Dr. Lynn will show you two oil paintings that I painted for him while I was recovering from surgery. These were a small token of my thanks. Ask him to see them.

Thanks again, Dr. Lynn.   Carl - best of luck in your new practice. Congratulations to your new patients.
Phil B.

After suffering with back pain for many years, I was fortunate enough to be treated by Dr. Carl Lynn.  Although x-rays were not available, his mild adjustments to my back have greatly reduced the intensity of the pain.
I now plan to proceed with a complete evaluation with x-rays at Dr. Lynn's new facility in Clayton.
Peggy B.